Loading Bay Equipment

A comprehensive range of loading bay equipment and solutions.


Supply and Installation of High Quality Loading Bay Equipment

At Portcullis Site Services we offer a full range of loading bay equipment for supply, including:

  • Sectional doors
  • roller shutter doors
  • steel hinged doors
  • foam seals
  • collapsible shelters
  • wheel guides
  • nylon bumpers
  • rubber bumpers
  • traffic lights
  • trailer stand plates
  • dock levellers
  • access staircases
  • fire escapes
  • ladders
  • handrailing
  • barriers
  • door protection
  • edge protection
  • wheel locks
  • and much more...

Why not take a look at one of our case studies which show a range of our recent projects displaying a selection of the products we supply and/or fabricate.

Our Product Range

Sectional, Roller Shutter Doors and Steel Hinged Doors

Sectional Doors, Roller Shutter Doors, Steel Hinged Doors, Door Parts.

Made to Measure Sectional Doors and Roller Shutter Doors to suit your requirements. A comprehensive range of spares and accessories are available ex stock.

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Portcullis High Speed Doors

Fast. Reliable. Excellent lead times.

Offering proven individual system solutions for almost any technical requirements up to 5.0m wide x 5.0m high. All of our high-speed doors are manufactured in modular design and are almost maintenance free.

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Dock Levellers

Custom-Made Docklevellers, Telescopic Lip Docklevellers, Swing Lip Docklevellers.

The loading bay is a crucial element in the transportation of your goods and requires a significant investment. Getting it right at the outset means that your business will be equipped with an efficient and cost effective loading bay for the longer term.

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Dock Seals / Shelters

Foam Pad Shelters, Retractable Shelters, Rigid Dock Shelters.

The dock shelter forms a seal between the building and the vehicle which helps in reducing the heat or cold lost through an open doorway, thereby helping to substantially reduce costs in relation to the heating or cooling of the building.

It also provides protection from the elements, namely the wind and rain, reducing the amount of rain entering the internal areas of the loading bay so helping to reduce the risks from people slipping and falling due to wet floors.

In addition to protecting your goods in transit, the seal also helps to maintain your optimum working conditions for staff which in turn helps to increase productivity.

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Dock Bumpers and Accessories

Dock Buffers, Bumpers, Dock Loading Lights, Traffic Lights, Wheel Guides, Bollards.

The improved productivity and safety through the use of these accessories creates an environment within the loading bay function of the business that will provide a valuable, efficient and cost effective distribution point.

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Loading Pods

The loading pod is an independent loading system which contains all the components required including the leveller, shelter and door.

The loading pod provides a complete stand-alone dock loading system which can be placed outside the door opening of a warehouse or terminal.

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Internal Protection

Our Internal Protection products include:

  • Rack Protectors, 
  • Barriers, 
  • Steel Kerbs, 
  • Corner Protection. 
  • Reduces wear and tear on a building's fabric whilst maintaining an overall higher standard of presentation.  The installation of internal protection lowers long term operating expenditure by extending the replacement and maintainence cycle.
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