Dock Seals / Shelters

Foam Pad Shelters, Retractable Shelters, Rigid Dock Shelters.


Foam Pad Shelters

Foam pad dock seals, are a cost effective solution to sealing the rear of a vehicle to the loading bay and are particularly suitable for docking systems where the fleet of vehicles are similar in size. The seal is created by the vehicle backing onto the Foam Pad Dock Seals. The foam pads, act as a cushion between the vehicle and the building, and will be compressed until the vehicle meets the dock bumpers where it will come to a stop.

Retractable Shelters

Retractable dock shelters are hardwearing and versatile shelters and are particularly suitable for docking systems where the fleet of vehicles are of differing heights and widths. They are universal and effective and offer a general purpose seal to cater for most applications. The Shelter is designed to retract on impact, in order to absorb the impact from a vehicle as it attaches to the loading bay, thereby extending not only the life of the shelter but also the fabric of the main building. It provides excellent value for money and is an extremely useful and versatile way of sealing the rear of a vehicle to the loading bay.

The seal is created by the vehicle backing into the shelter where the two vertical side curtains and a horizontal head curtain are flexible and strong enough to mould around the top and sides of the vehicle as it reverses up to the loading bay to meet the dock bumpers.

Rigid Dock Shelters

The rigid shelter is the most popular solution for energy conscious operators. The vehicle reverses into the rigid shelter which then efficiently seals the loading area off by way of flexible side and top curtains, giving weather protection during the loading and unloading process. This results in an improved and protected working environment.

Our curtain materials have a very high wear and tear tolerance. The rigid shelter product line comprises of a number of models which meet all customers demands and vehicle sizes.

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