High Speed Self Healing Door

Outstanding operational reliability from our self-heal fast action doors.


Self Healing DoorThe HSDynamic high speed is our self healing door, offering proven individual system solutions for almost any technical requirements up to 5.0m wide x 5.0m high. All of our high-speed doors are manufactured in modular design and are almost maintenance free. This results in outstanding operational reliability, fast and inexpensive repairs when damage occurs, as well as low operating costs. This is especially true of this door with its patented rubber bottom edge virtually eliminating bottom rail repairs. High- speed doors protect from drafts, keep temperature zones at a constant temperature and insulate against noise. In addition to this, they help to improve the working atmosphere. The door can be fitted with complete all round safety controls i.e. photocells at low level housed on the door columns and fail safe op to-electric safety edge.


  1. To minimise energy losses by automatically opening and closing, quickly and safely.
  2. Minimise draughts and maintain constant temperatures.
  3. As a partition between factory areas.
  4. In busy traffic doorways.
  5. Improves the working environment.
  6. Enhances aesthetic appearance.

Door Design

The curtain is made from a Polyester fabric that is coated with colour impregnated PVC. On the Model HSD5050, the stability of the curtain is achieved via the proven aluminium profiles and at the bottom by the sturdy horizontal Soft Edge bottom profile. The side columns, manufactured from galvanised steel, are opened easily for maintenance. The standard version does not include a motor cover.

Door Drive Mechanism and Control Panel

The door is powered both up and down by a 415v 3PH/N/E geared brake motor. Controls consist of an integrated control panel that controls the entire door functions including the failsafe diagnostics required for the photocell and safety edge. Further benefits include as standard interlock capability, induction loop cross traffic detection and many others. The control panel is equipped with up and stop push buttons.

Safety Features

Photocell protection (standard) Electric safety edge (optional). Emergency opening lever All safety features are self-diagnostic and fail-safe.

Remote Controls

The doors can be supplied with additional remote controls. These fall into two categories, activation and safety. When wired to activate, they will open the door from its closed position, stop the door from closing when open and stop / reverse the door when closing. When wired to safety the features are the same as to activate however the door will not open when closed. Remote controls include induction loops, photocells, radar, push buttons, pull switch operation, radio or infrared controls.

Product Advantages

  1. Emergency opening using the emergency handle.
  2. Fast opening (0.8m/s standard, 1.5m/s optional) and closing (0.8m/s) with safety.
  3. Will operate normally in wind pressures of over 30km/h.
  4. Fabric curtains are colour impregnated PVC with optional window sections.
  5. Anti-crash system with automatic restart.

Self Healing Process

  1. The curtain is impacted by traffic, pushing it out of its guides. This helps to prevent the curtain becoming torn and the guides being damaged.
  2. The Curtain can then be reset by opening the door to its top limit, allowing it to relocate back into its guides which will happen automatically.
  3. By pressing the lower switch the door will then close allowing the curtain to revert back to its normal state.

Specifications & Colour Options

HSDynamic high speed self repairing door

1300gr/m2 Colours

  • RAL 9010
  • RAL 1015
  • RAL 1003
  • RAL 2004
  • RAL 3002
  • RAL 5012
  • RAL 5002
  • RAL 6026
  • RAL 7035
  • RAL 7037
  • RAL 7042

Insulated Cloth 3mm Colours

  • Green
  • Blue
  • Grey
  • White
  • White (FDA*)

*(FDA Approved Cloth 1700gr/m2 Colours)

Standard Frame Colours

  • RAL 9010
  • RAL 3000
  • RAL 5010
  • RAL 6005
  • RAL 7036

Technical and Operating Specifications

Application Internal
Speed Maximum Opening Speed
Maximum Closing Speed
2.5 m/s
0.8 m/s
Door Sizes Maximum Width
Maximum Height
Space Requirements for Fitting Front Mount Motor
Side Mount Motor, Motor Side
Non Motor Side
Head Room Depending on size
450mm / 500mm
Wind Class 3000 x 3000
4000 x 4000
5000 x 5000
Class 3
Class 2
Class 2
Curtain Weight 1300g/m2 Standard
Curtain Colours As per Options 12 Colour Options as Standard
Control Panel Inverter controls in a Steel case Standard
Control Panel Dimensions 300w x 400h x 150d Standard
Operating Temperature -30°C - +70°C Heating Kits Optional Extra
Door Frame Construction Galvanised Steel Standard
Guide Material Self Lubricating Polyethylene Standard
Power Supply 3 Phase and Earth 400v 16 Amp slow acting fuse (depending on size)
Supply Cable Correct size to avoid power loss 2.5mm2 As per Electrical Regulations
Column Covers Galvanised Standard
Barrel Cover Galvanised Standard
Motor Cover Galvanised Standard
Safety Barrier 22 Ray light curtain
Heading Sensor
No cost option (wet environments)
Photocell Transmitter / Receiver Type Standard
Vision Panels 2 Rows Standard
Timed Close Selected on Installation 0 - 200 secs
Limits Digital Encoder
Mechanical Limits
Emergency Opening Hand Crank to the Bottom of the motor Standard

Optional Extras

  • Various vision panel designs
  • Digital print onto the curtain
  • Customer logos
  • Insulated curtain
  • "T" cut emergency exit in the curtain
  • Stainless steel frame
  • Powder coated frame
  • Counter weight manual opening
  • UPS battery backup
  • Remote controls
  • Radar sensors
  • Induction loop detectors
  • Pull switch with optional gallows
  • Proximity sensors
  • Key switch
  • Digital keypad
  • LED traffic lights
  • Flashing warning light
  • Heating kits to guides and motors

Standards and Conformity

Mechanical Compliance BS EN12604
Resistance against Wind Pressure DIN EN12424 - 44 Class 2
Air Permeability EN12426 - 7 Class 1
Thermal Performance EN12428 5.82W/m2K
Resistance to Water Penetration EN12425 Class 3
Compliant to European Standard EN13241


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